Dronehub | brand identity
Client: Dronehub
Design: toffie.studio - Bartosz Skórski
Designer : Bartosz Skórski, Weronika Hausman
We started our cooperation with Dronehub brand in 2020 by creating 3D product renderings of their drone box solutions. At the summer of 2021, we was asked to help with rebranding of their identity.
About the brand:
The Dronehub brand is the European leader in comprehensive drone-in-a-box solutions that include drones, drone infrastructure and artificial intelligence-based software. We started our cooperation with designing the identification of landing sites and product visualizations. Already after the first projects, we noticed the need to redesign the identification in order to unify the image.
After first iteration of concepts, we decided to left vision with drone symbol from the old branding. In this way We created totally new identification which is closer with heart of company products. Upon a thorough analysis of the shape of Dronehub Docking Station, we finded dynamic shape what create a brand symbol. The symbol is based on two moving doors of station.
Visual elements
The visual system base on the symbol of brand to emphasize the dynamics by angled lines. We decided to use grid, based on square and divide documents by 6 divisions on shorter edge or 3 divisions in cases of thinner documents.
We left the current color system, which based on black and red for vivid red and petrol blue to bring more life into company documents.
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