Polski Banan

Polski Banan Polski banan – Product Visualisation Client: Polski Banan CGI: – Bartosz Skórski 2019-2023 Our cooperation started with the task of creating product visualizations for their new products. USB Cable in two variations, Micro USB and USB C, and two colors: black and white and packaging.After a great start, we completed the product catalog […]

Dolina Writer Desk – Porada Award Competition

Dolina Writer Desk Dolina – Writer desk Client: Porada Design Award CompetitionDesign: – Bartosz.CGI: – Bartosz Skórski2019 We started our work from research about last trends in Design and also common features of Porada products. Our vision is when light meets a surface. Dolina is a polish word, that mean Valley.Nikola Tesla – […]

Vacuum Gripper

Vacuum Gripper Concept Client: Sigma S.A.Design: – Bartosz SkórskiTechnical design: iDAP Technology & Sigma S.A.2021 Concept of Vacuum Gripper realized at begging of 2021 for Sigma S.A. company.

DroneHub – brand identitiy

Dronehub Dronehub | brand identityClient: DronehubDesign: – Bartosz SkórskiDesigner: Bartosz Skórski, Weronika Hausman2021/2022We started our cooperation with Dronehub brand in 2020 by creating 3D product renderings of their drone box solutions. At the summer of 2021, we was asked to help with rebranding of their identity.About the brand:The Dronehub brand is the European leader […]

Arex Residential Estate

Arex Residential Estate Architectural Visualisation of residential estate Client: ArexLocation: Jelcz-LaskowiceDesign: – Bartosz Skórski2023 Architectural Visualisation of a residential estate in Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland.While it’s not our daily practice, we decided to harness the power of D5 Render 

Autorium CGI

AUTORIUM CGI Autorium – Product Visualisation Client: Rawi Met Sp. z o.o.Design: Rawi Met Sp. z o.o.CGI: – Bartosz Skórski2023 Product visualizations of an exclusive garage showcase by RawiMet company. The garage can be customized according to the client’s needs and requirements. Autorium is the combination of RawiMet’s team’s years of experience and know-how, along […]