Fizjoterapia z Głową - Rebranding

Fizjoterapia z Głową – Rebranding

Client: Fizjoterapia z Głową
Design: – Bartosz Skórski

Friends and neighbors can always count on our help, especially when they have such ambitious plans. Our task was to create a new branding that would reflect the specificity and values of this clinic. We opted for a bold color scheme that stands out against the competition and has a positive impact on the audience. We wanted to show that “Fizjoterapia z Głową” (Physiotherapy with a Brain) is not only about passion and care but primarily about knowledge and dedication. That’s why we used graphic elements related to the brain and body, typography giving it a professional character, and a color palette emphasizing the modern nature of the brand.
We can assure you that the people behind this place are incredible specialists constantly improving their qualifications. They are not afraid to share their knowledge and experience with others, and to see for yourself, we invite you to follow their profile on TikTok and Instagram, where they share interesting content and advice. They are true experts in their field whom you can trust, just as they trusted us.