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toffie is interdisciplinary. What that mean in case of your needs? We know how and what to do to develop great idea into real product without compromises of involving unknow specialists.


Design Audit

Design audit is a comprehensive evaluation of design elements, strategies and activities, which aims to identify issues and propose solutions for improvement.

Concept Design

Industrial design concept sketching is the process of visually exploring and developing product ideas before any physical prototypes are made.

Product Design Strategy

Product design strategy is a plan for the development of a product, including its design, features, and branding, to meet customer needs and achieve business goals.

CAD/CAS Modelling

CAD/CAS modelling refers to computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided styling used for creating and analyzing virtual models of products.

Prototyping and 3D Printing

Prototyping is the process of creating a preliminary model or sample of a product or system. 3D printing is a method of creating physical objects from a digital model by adding layers of materials such as plastic or metal.


Product Visualisation

Product 3D rendering provides benefits like lifelike visualization, cost-effective prototyping, customization options, and marketing versatility, enabling businesses to showcase products realistically, attract customers, and streamline design processes.


3D animation offers advantages such as enhanced realism, vivid storytelling, precise visualization, and versatility in creating engaging content for industries ranging from entertainment  to marketing.

Architectural Visualisation

Architecture 3D rendering provides benefits like realistic visualizations, improved design communication, cost-effective revisions, reduced project risks, and enhanced client understanding, leading to better-designed, more successful architectural projects.

Branding & Product Creation

Brand Identity Design

Branding identity design encompasses crafting a cohesive visual and emotional identity for a brand, including logos, color schemes, typography, and messaging, fostering brand recognition, loyalty, and differentiation.

Logo Design

Logo design involves creating a distinctive visual symbol that represents a brand or business, effectively conveying its identity, values, and uniqueness, leaving a memorable impression on customers and enhancing recognition.

Packaging Design

Packaging design is the art of creating visually appealing and functional packaging for products, enhancing their shelf presence, communicating brand messages, and ensuring consumer satisfaction and convenience.



Empathy is the attitude, method, and practice of assuming the point of view of an identified user to better understand their needs, outcomes, and metrics for success, when designing meaningfully impactful services, products, or experiences.


We define problems, and set design criteria using methods like persona creation and customer journey mapping. We gather data from various sources, including surveys and user interviews, to ensure our designs meet users' needs.


After research and identifying users, synthesis is key. Affinity mapping is a popular way to group findings into themes for design opportunities. We'll brainstorm many ideas based on insights.


After brainstorming, we'll choose the best ideas and create prototypes. Prototypes are low-cost estimations of what your solution will look like, and they can be anything: paper sketches, role playing, physical objects, or digital prototypes.


We test ideas and prototypes to identify flaws and gaps, improving the design. Users are asked to test the model repeatedly to address problem aspects. Testing is about learning, not defending solutions.


Work based on iterations.

We have +15 years of experience with project management, but we are still exploring newest solutions to develop useful design.

Fluent or Predictive way?
We will fit the process to you needs.

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