At, we rely on solving functional and ethical problems and maintaining high aesthetic values. This translates into the uniqueness of the created products and a unified brand image.​​​​​​​
In our studio, we try to comprehensively approach the project from the first sketches to the creation of marketing materials, giving the opportunity to implement consistent products with high functionality and aesthetics, which translates into higher profits. Design can also be the lifting of existing products and co-creation of innovative projects.​​​​​​​
Good design results in an added value such as: increasing production efficiency, product longevity and improvement of logistics processes.​​​​​​​
Thanks to its advantages, the company is able to significantly change its image and influence technological, economic, social and cultural development.​​​​​​​
- Organisation​​​​​​​
- We prepare a Brief on the requirements and goals of the project.
- We develop an offer and sign a contract.
- Conceptual design​​​​​​​
- We analyze the market, solutions and user needs.
- We create a concepts and ideas in the form of sketches and drawings (made on the basis of technology, overall dimensions of elements and components sent by the client).
- We consult and discussion of the concept with the client and engineers.
– Functional design
- We refine selected concepts, we create detailed drawings and basic CAD models.
- On their basis, we consult projects with engineers to improve the technological stage.
- We are testing, creating mock-ups and prototypes.
- Production design
- We prepare surface CAD models in the required formats (.step, .iges) and the necessary technical documentation.
- We verify the technological process and the production process.
- Promotional design
- We create promotional materials, visual identifications and other graphic materials.
- We design packaging for our clients' products.
- We create photo-realistic visualizations and video materials.
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